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Anne Heath

Anne helped Kevin establish Fantasia Sound Disc Jockeys in 1988 and is the first contact for Fantasia's clients.  As the Office Manager she is here to help match you to the DJ that best fits you & your event needs.  Give Anne a call today to talk about your event!

Gary Gauldin

DJ Gary joined the Fantasia Sound DJ family in 2002.

Stated simply, Gary loves music. One of the secrets to Gary's success is that love for and deep knowledge of all eras of music and the privilege of playing for you!  Gary offers an assortment of music ranging from classical to today’s top hits delivered on a professional sound system for hours of a great music experience. 

Scott Fisher

DJ Scott, also know as "Fish Radio", joined the Fantasia Sound DJ family in 1994. 

A resourceful DJ, Scott can be as low key or as interactive as the client and the event requires. His warm personality and knowledge of music make Scott a favorite of all who meet him.  Scott's music library is vast, covering everything from classical to today's top hits. Scott also uses a professional Fender sound system.

Fantasia Sound DJs  

The DJs in Richmond that are all about... Customer Service, Professionalism, Music & Fun!

Bill Holliday

​​DJ Bill, also known as EvryDay is a Holliday, joined the Fantasia Sound DJ family in 2002.

Bill is a versatile DJ entertainer. Bill has a great sense of the crowd and will be as interactive or low key as the event requires. Bill has a diverse music library from which to choose.  His sound is delivered on a professional Bose system, sure to please everyone! 

Bob Broomfield

DJ Bob, began working with Fantasia Sound in 2002. 

Bob is a fun guy to be around and has a fabulous sense of humor, an infectious smile and personality that really draws the guests in. Bob also has a diverse music library that spans from classical to contemporary top pop hits. Bob's show is delivered on a professional Bose sound system.

Tony Hawkes

DJ Tony joined the Fantasia Sound DJ family in 2006.

No he's not the famous skate boarder! DJ Tony loves to have fun at his events. Tony has an easygoing personality and style and is great with all ages. He has a diverse music library covers everything from classical to popular contemporary music. Tony's show is delivered on a professional Fender Sound System.

Kevin Heath

DJ Kevin, also known as Special K the Dancing DJ, established Fantasia Sound in 1988.

Kevin is a multi-talented entertainment DJ who loves to entertain a crowd; he can be as low key or as interactive as our clients want.  Kevin has a diverse music library covering a variety of genres from classical to contemporary top hits, delivered on a professional Bose Sound System.